How Common Are Sexual Difficulties?

Sexual difficulties are experienced by many people worldwide (1). In a large study of people from Great Britain, 42% of men and 51% of women reported having experienced at least one sexual problem in the last year (2). So if you are struggling sexually, you are not alone!

Know that there is help available and that achieving sexual pleasure and satisfaction is possible! Sexual difficulties can impact your quality of life, sense of self and relationship satisfaction but there is no need to suffer in silence! Reach out to a Sexologist or Practitioner with training in sexual health for support. 


1. Fischer N, Træen B. Prevalence of Sexual Difficulties and Related Distress and Their Association with Sexual Avoidance in Norway. International Journal of Sexual Health. 2022;34(1):27-40.

2. Mitchell KR, Mercer CH, Ploubidis GB, Jones KG, Datta J, Field N, et al. Sexual function in Britain: findings from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3). Lancet. 2013;382(9907):1817-29.

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