We offer care pathways designed with our experts: Ninti conception &  Ninti postpartum. 

We are currently building a group for Ninti conception starting in September 2022. Please join us to be part of the first batch – limited to 10 people.

Ninti conception

This is a unique 4-week program designed to help you navigate your fertility journey. 

The program is designed to help individuals and couples who are trying to conceive by providing information and resources on a range of topics related to fertility. 


What will you get

Fertility expert – 4 group sessions – 60 min each

Weekly sessions with our experts and coaches

Individual coaching session with a fertility expert

One individual session with an expert of your choice during the program and possibility to chat with our healthcare team through the entire duration of the program

Shared content, exercises and tips 

Weekly content will be shared together with techniques and tips to go through this challenges period

Weekly circles and Q&A sessions

We believe in the power of sharing. At Ninti you have a platform and amplify your messages.

We believe that no one should have to go through fertility struggles alone, which is why we offer this program at the reasonable price of 199 euros


Expert sessions will be available in reply in your personal space.

More information is available here.

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