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The idea

Ninti is born out of our own unanswered questions, the struggle in navigating life, the difficulty in the system of sexual and reproductive health and the stigma that can be associated with it. 


When trying to find answers, we started talking to other women and guess what – everyone is in the same boat and willing to share and support each other!

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You are going through a miscarriage or a pregnancy loss and you are seeking help and support?

You are in the middle of your career and wondering if pregnancy and ambition can match? 

You gave birth and the journey to motherhood is not as exciting as you thought it would? 

You are seeing your partner navigating an exhausting emotional journey and feel helpless? 

No matter what stage you are in right now, we want you to know that you are not alone. This is why we are here, for you, for all of us to be seen and heard to feel held and hold, to thrive because in vulnerability we find strength.

How are we going to make that?


Education through
specific content.

We believe in knowledge and awareness to empower women in making the best choices when it come to their health. We offer health information and content on conditions a majority of women will have throughout their lifetime for example: PCOS, Miscarriage and Pregnancy loss, Endometriosis, Infertility, Fibroids, Menopause.


Monitor through
specialists and platform.

We connect women to competent and sensitive healthcare and wellness specialists to guide them. Our platform is coming soon.


Support through
creating the community.

We empower women and their allies to learn, share and create community. With a community, we heal. Stay tuned for when our community is live.

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Welcome to our community!

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